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Antepartum | Postpartum | First Year Infant Care

When you need daytime or overnight care for your baby (or yourself), Family Tree Doula Services has just what you need. We cater to YOUR specific needs, coming up with a plan to support you for as little or as long as you need us.

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Congratulations on your new baby….or your baby on the way!

No matter how you are welcoming your new baby, our professionally trained postpartum doulas are prepared to set you up for a smoother start. Our in-home daytime and overnight care for you and your baby brings our nurturing emotional, physical and educational support to you when and where you need it. Whether you choose 4 hours or 2 weeks of live-in care, we’re prepared to provide you the exclusive and comprehensive support you deserve. We can even bring our Newborn Care Class to you in the comfort of your own home.


day & night care

for baby and you

Our postpartum doulas provide your new or growing family with comprehensive care. You have a need or a concern? Let’s talk about it. Not sure what to do? We’ll compassionately guide the way with resources and techniques, paving the way for you to parent your baby confidently. We’re your listening ear when the going gets tough. Always non-judgmental. Always unbiased. Your services will be designed specifically to meet your family’s needs.

Your postpartum services can start as soon as your baby is a couple of hours old, and last all the way through their first birthday because we know that not all parents have enough support in their lives. We’re your personal guides through your baby’s first year, supporting you through their developmental stages and all of the transitions you may be experiencing as well.

We specialize in the transition that occurs in the “5th Trimester”: the time when many parents are going back to work or babies are experiencing “regressions”. Providing practical, sustainable systems that suit you and your family, as well as, ushering you through this transition becomes our top priority.

Family Tree Doula Services is dedicated to providing you with the level of support that YOU deserve for as long as you need it.

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First 48 Live-In Care

You have just walked through the door with your new baby (or babies!) and now it all begins. Who’s there to greet you with the most up-to-date information and professional training to support you? Your postpartum doula.

Our First 48 service provides 48 hours of continuous in-home support from the minute you walk through the door of your home with your new baby. This service is intended to help ease the nerves of new parents, support you as your new baby begins to feed, and provide guidance as you learn to swaddle, dress and diaper a wiggly baby. If you are already home and feeling a little panicked, contact us and we’ll quickly set you up with support that will make this transition smoother. This incredible service can be paramount in getting you off to the absolute best start. Your family (and you) are worth the investment.

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Support for

Surrogates, Intended Parents and Adoptive Parents

Family Tree Doula Services offers concierge level support to Intended and Adoptive Parents, from nursery organization before baby arrives through the first year after baby’s arrival. Our Newborn Care Class is a popular service for Intended Parents, providing hands-on, one-on-0ne training WITH your new baby at your chosen location.

Our services range from the 10 hours of day or night support to 3 weeks of live-in support. We offer the option of traveling TO you or WITH you. We even have the ability to travel back to your home to support you as you establish your “new normal”. We help you create the level of support that best suits you.

If you’re a surrogate in the Portland Metro area, we offer specialized antepartum and postprtum care to you. We collaborate with local attorneys and agencies to seamlessly provide the support you need. We appreciate the gift of life you are providing to a deserving family and desire to provide you the nurturing care you deserve as you navigate all the physical, emotional and personal aspects of surrogacy. We cater to your antepartum and postpartum needs.

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Antepartum Support:

Care During Pregnancy

Antepartum care is available for the pregnant person (and their family!) who is experiencing a difficult pregnancy. We recognize that it complicates life to be on bed rest or to manage meals when you struggle to eat due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG: excessive vomiting during pregnancy). Our doulas support you in whatever way makes your life a bit easier by providing your emotional and physical support, meal prep for you and your family, light housekeeping, sibling support and personalized care until baby arrives.

We look forward to supporting you and making life a bit easier as you begin this journey with your new baby (or babies)!

"Thank you so so much for all of the love, support and advice you have given me through this huge transition....Ever since we have figured out nursing, life has been much more peaceful." A. ~ Newport, OR

"Can't say enough about this wonderful service of encouragement and support!...From help with the birth plan, to lactation guidance, and any other information they have needed help with, this has been a wonderful resource. A Big Thank you to Family Tree Doula Services!" L.S. ~ Eagle Creek, OR

"Somedays #icanteven. Which is why we hired an amazing postpartum doula to be a part of our family's team. What a blessing she has been throughout the process of transitioning to a family of 7! I would highly recommend Doula Sheryl. She is honestly so knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate with the care she provides. So happy to have her on the rough days...okay and the good ones too." A. ~ Estacada, OR