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Professional Postpartum Support for Today's New Parents
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Classes for Newborn Care, Siblings & Grandparents

When you bring a new baby into your family, siblings, grandparents….even you….can use the professional guidance provided by our team of postpartum doulas. We’re your go-to experts on supporting your WHOLE family.



Family Tree Doula Services offers some additional support services that provide another layer of preparing you and your family for the arrival of your baby or babies.

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Newborn Care Class

During your in-home Newborn Care Class, our postpartum doula will provide you with 1:1 education regarding all things “newborn”: diapering, swaddling, feeding, safe sleep and more. We answer all of your questions and point you to tried and true products, strategies and techniques. This class can be provided before your baby arrives by practicing with our special training doll, or we can provide this training after your baby arrives and practice with YOUR squirming, very real baby.

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Super Sibling Certification

This in-home Super Sibling program is designed to help the big brother or sister-to-be, not only feel special, but learn all about the ins and outs of having a baby in the house. We’ll customize this class to meet the level of understanding your child is ready for. Once their training is complete, the graduate with a special gift and a certificate!

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Grandparent Boot Camp

How up-to-date are your new baby’s grandparents on baby care, safe sleep, feeding guidelines and choices, new products and current philosophies? This grandparent to grandparent class is taught in the privacy of your (or their) home with a special training doll and many of the new baby products to practice with. We are available to answer as many questions as a new grandparent may have. This class is helpful for updating ALL grandparents of today’s babies.

Wow, working with Sheryl is great! She helped prepare my son for being a sibling with a very special 'Super Sibling' certificate program and it made him feel really special. I definitely recommend her to pregnant and post-partum moms! E.Y. - Beaverton, OR