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Family Tree Doula Services policies for any resource listed on this page are:

  • we test the product ourselves

  • we meet each service provider in person and talk philosophy and customer service

  • we check out locations/facilities in person

  • we review videos/lessons/links before adding to this page

By following these guidelines, we can guarantee the value and quality of the resource we are providing.

This page is always a work in progress, so visit often to see what’s new. Please feel free to share with others in your community and contact us if you have any questions or a concern arises.*


Kiinde Starter Set.jpg

Kiinde Starter Set

The Kiinde feeding system takes you from pumping to bottle to feeding and storage without the need to transfer from one container to another. Learn more about how they work on the Kiinde website found here.


Kiinde Twist Gift Set

If you loved your Kiinde Starter Set, here’s an easy way to add a complete boxed set to your baby registry. From breast to baby without spills. The Twist system is:
• Recyclable • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free